3. 3 Meals + 2 Snacks a Day

  4. I lost weight effortlessly

I say it because I did it, that’s why I sell it! I lost 3.8kg in my first week and 16kg in 54 days.

The SlimPro Program is a 3 Phase Program completed with our support products. Eat 3 meals plus 2 snacks per day as per the program.

The SlimPro Program comes with full instructions, menu tips and ideas plus an 80 page Gourmet Cook Book with delicious recipes to help you maintain your goal when you reach it.

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The SlimPro  Program


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40 Day SlimPro  Program

For me there was:


> The Program

> The Way You Eat

> The Support

> Learn how to keep it off

> Eat 3 Meals PLUS 2 Snacks

> Enjoy Real Food - Every day...


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You should always try to add a healthy balance of diet and exercise to your day.

  1. -Do you want to lose weight?

  2. -Have you tried everything?

- Have you had enough?
- What have you got to lose?

The SlimPro Program CHANGED MY LIFE!


“I lost 16kg in 54 days on the SlimPro Program. That’s why I sell it”